Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Home Center Cats and a Sad Nativity Scene

The Home Center in Nicosia

Over Christmas we went to The Home Center in Nicosia and saw these pitiful cats and kittens living in the parking lot.  We went inside and bought them a bag of food and placed it in a plastic bowl behind the sheds for them to eat.  It was rainy and cold out and they were ravenously hungry.

We put some food behind these sheds

The cats and kittens were ravenous

We also put a can of soft food out on the pavement for them.

They appreciated the soft food

We went to a nearby mall where they had an enormous Christmas tree set up outside.  It was two (mall) stories high and underneath it were 4 stray dogs sleeping.  Nearby was another dog, a female.  She was lactating, limping, and wearing a metal collar that was clearly too tight, and dragging a bit of chain.  We stopped to give her a can of the food we had just bought to take home for Muji.

This image of these dogs seeking shelter and comfort at the foot of this enormous Christmas tree struck me as an odd nativity scene, a great, blaring, billboard of a reminder of the meaning of Christmas.  It looked as if the dogs were there waiting for Christ Himself.  Perhaps they know, too, like us, He is the only one who can be counted on, the only one who can save this world and make it better.  Perhaps they found comfort there.  

Nik's boss has a couple of pens set up outside his business to take in stray dogs. His business was nearby.  Nik called him.  He was on vacation for Christmas, but as soon as he got back he and his brother went and got all of the dogs.

I only wish we could have helped the cats.  Perhaps if you live nearby in Nicosia, you can go by occasionally and put food out for them.

Icon of the Nativity - The Adoration of the Magii

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