Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pegs, Punky, and Lulu: Update 2

We have seen four cats perish over the last two weeks, and we are deeply saddened.  In addition we've had three in critical condition at the animal hospitals.  Thankfully, those three were just released, among them little kittens Punky and Lulu, and their friend, Sweet Corn.  There is terrible illness going around the cat community, and cold and wet weather hasn't helped them at all.  I am happy to say the last few days it has warmed up and dried out a little, making it a little easier on them.  I just pray it doesn't start raining again.

Sweet Corn from the Park, resting at our house after a bad fever

Punky and Lulu are here with us now, still recovering from a terrible virus, but well enough to come home with us, not well enough to go back to the park. 

Lulu convalescing

Pegs, Punky and Lulu's Mom,  was altered last week, and is here with us and her kittens recovering, too.

Pegs from the park, resting after her surgery

Our vets told us if Punky and Lulu had been left at the park without medical attention, they would not have made it.

But we are overcrowded here indoors making it easier for them to contract another illness.  They are too weak still to be vaccinated.  It would be much better for them not  to be in a crowded living situation and to be able to receive a lot of attention in their very own home.  Please, if you are considering adopting them, contact us.  Little Lulu is just aching to curl up with someone around the clock. 

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