Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Who's Your Daddy?

"Who's ur daddy?"

One morning, about two or three weeks ago, I was up at the park feeding cats, when from the direction of the houses across the street came confidently sauntering the most majestic Tomcat. It was one of those moments like when you see a great bird of prey in the sky and you just go, "Ah!"

A majestic Tomcat I'd never seen before approached me at the park and took my breath away

My next thought was, "What happened to Mustafa?! When did he start coming up to the top of the park and crossing the street and when did he start taking steroids?"

But it clearly wasn't Mustafa.

Mustafa is smaller and was neutered young

I named the new Tomcat King. 

King (with Topper in the background)

Since Nik and I, more than ever with our busy schedules, are like two ships passing in the night, I thought of mentioning it to him, but there is only so much time when I see him to catch up on only so much, so I didn't.  But it wasn't long afterward that he was catching me up on the goings-on at our newest feeding station (behind the apartments where we found Fortune - across the street and down from the park), that he blurted out with a laugh, "Well, at least I know who Mustafa's Dad is now," and I knew right away what and whom he was talking about.

King was eating at the top of the park with Strike and the others,

Top of the park feeding - from left, Blabby, Punky, Lulu, Topper, Strike, and King

but he has just started following me down to the lower park where Mustafa eats and  I was able to get a picture of them together this morning.

Mustafa left, King right, in near perfect profile.  Bookends?

King is a very nice Tomcat as far as Tomcats go, and so far has not posed too much of a problem with the other cats.   He's actually been quite nice to Blabby and Greyboy, and Topper, too, a new young male who has been coming over to the park to eat in the mornings. But I don't know how long this will last.

3/4 profile!

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