Monday, December 24, 2012

Princess and Some Other Park Cats

This is some video I took at the park recently, before the recent rains started.  It's been wet and awful out for the last week. 

Baby with her baby, Princess, earlier this summer 
Here are some others from the video:




Punky and Lulu


Oranj, front, with Pookie




Princess is on the right in the following photograph.  On the left peeking over her shoulder is her brother, Rex.  You can purchase this photograph as a card or a print on my Fine Art America website.  I took it this summer as Princess and Rex were watching their Mother eat from the nearby brush.  They had yet to gather enough courage to come down to eat at the feeding station, but developed plenty of curiosity!  The sun was rising in the background, the dew was sparkling in the early morning light, and I could hear the sea in the background.  It's a special memory:

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It's been fun and interesting to watch Princess, her three siblings, and all the summer kittens grow up and develop their unique personalities. 

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