Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Remember this little kitten? 

Mikey's Sibling - One of the Missing Kittens

This was Mikey's once missing sibling who we found and were feeding up under a pile of lumber at the maisonettes.

Soon after we started feeding him, I was able to pick him up and place him in a carrier before he knew what happened, and bring him home to reunite him with Mikey Tyson. It was a glorious day.  We were so relieved because we were really worried about him. 

We thought he was a girl for a long time, and named him Orangini - oops - which we shortened to Gini - now that we know he's a guy, we still call him Gini. 

Here is Gini now:


Gini loves to play in this laundry basket from IKEA

Cute, round Gini -wini

Gini is in front, brother Mikey is behind

a little muffin

Actually, he's grown quite a bit since these pictures, and so has Mikey.  Thay are fabulous playmates and the best of friends.

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