Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mikey's Sibling - One of the Missing Kittens

The first day we heard Mikey's cries, we heard other siblings crying as well.  One voice originally came from across the dangerous seafront road we live on; one we could hear was farther down the neighborhood, along the same road, but getting smaller and smaller.  We don't know what happened to that kitten.  Then we heard one coming from under my car.  This could have been the same one who we heard across the road, and it crossed the road (whoa!).  Or it could have been a fourth kitten.  We don't know.  But the kitten that was under our car we do know is now living in a lumber pile over at the maisonettes, and though we have seen it, and have been feeding it, we have not been able to catch it. 

The kitten that was under our car

Mikey's sibling now living under a pile of lumber alone

These pictures we took the other night.

This little kitten is awfully young to be on its own and alone for so long.  Little Mikey is so needy, it is hard to imagine how this kitten is coping with all its stress and no comfort of a mother, or the nutrients of its mother's milk. 

Too young to be alone

and likely very afraid

On a more positive note, this kitten has been eating the food we have been putting out for it and that is good. The other positive thing is that it is staying put and not wandering around in dangerous places like the road, also enabling us to know where to put the food.   (Also please know, I am referring to the kitten as "it" because we have no idea at this point if it is a he or a she, not because we think of it as an it.)

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