Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Movin' On

We've spent the last months cat proofing the house.  We built our balcony pet enclosure so we would have more room for everyone and the indoor cats could get some fresh air.  We also sold some furniture and then replaced it with some that would be easier to clean.

Wood and plastic are our friends.

Glass and wicker, not so much.

Of course when we were just about done, after we had hung our last storage cabinet at a height that the cats would find suitable for perching, we got a call from our landlords that they had sold the house.

Ain't that just the way?  And I predicted this!  I said, "Nik, as soon as we have gotten things just the way we want them, they will sell the house."  And sure enough they did.

This house has been for sale for years.

We were very lucky, very lucky, to almost immediately find another house just a few minutes away.  My greatest concern was being too far away from our feeding stations, but thankfully now we will be close enough.

Movin' on

We have a couple of concerns, but mostly we are looking forward to the move.  The house is a little bigger, we will be away from this horrible road/raceway we are on, and we will be on agricultural land which is a step closer to our goals.  Any Emmylou fans out there?

Well, Emmy, we're movin' on, too.


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