Friday, August 10, 2012

Trapping Hamlet

We were able to trap Hamlet last night, which is good because we could get him into the doctor today to see to his health problems, and hopefully take care of his infection.

We trapped sick Hamlet last night

The hardest part of trapping Hamlet wasn't getting him to go into the trap, it was getting him to go into the trap alone. 

Hamlet in our neighbor's garden

Because there has been a adorable new young cat - really, an older kitten - that has been coming to our garden for the last week.  Here she is - we've named her Slipper:

Here little Slipper is peering into our garden from our neighbor's garden.  :)

She is particularly friendly with Hamlet, which is odd, because he is quite a bit older than her, and we are pretty sure she is too young to be in heat.  Whenever she is here, and he is here, she goes to rub up against him and is very affectionate with him.  Well, as we were trying to trap Hamlet, he would go into the trap, but Slipper kept going into the trap with him, so that was a bit of a problem.

Alone at last

But it finally worked out, and we got him alone. Nik took Hamlet up to Nicosia today on his way to work, and dropped him off with our vets, George and Christina, to be tended to. 

This morning Hamlet was off to see the vets

Slipper didn't get to go

Hamlet did

The good thing was when he finally settled down after initially being trapped, he finished off the food in the trap.  :)  That's a good sign because he still has his appetite. 

"Wish me well."

We wish you well, Hamlet. 

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