Sunday, June 3, 2012

Heartbreak - Losing Tweets, Part 1

It was a terrible morning Friday morning.  Nik and I were both running late, I had a horrible headache, and I was feeling confused about many things.  Conversations I have had with people recently, I won't even go into them now, but they can really drag you down if you are as easily influenced as I am. 

But the point is I was not on guard of my senses that morning.  And I do try to be, because I know any time I pull out of our driveway I could find one of the cats we care for lying in the street.  That is usually how it happens, when I least expect it or am prepared for it.  There was once it happened when I had a feeling about it. 

Friday morning however my mind was unprotected as was my heart - my natural state I have had to learn how to manage like a diabetic manages his disease. So when I came upon Tweets lying on lifeless the seafront road, just past Sammy's house, I nearly collapsed behind my wheel.  I was so sickened and horrified I became came ill.

I called Nik who was nearby and he came and took this picture for me.  I think it is important to take a picture for this blog, because it is what we all have to deal with.  And I don't want to go through it alone.  It happens so much here.  You see them everywhere.  It is sickening.  It ruins my days.  And the only reason there is a problem is because people don't care enough to do anything about it.  And that's rotten. 

Tweets has been on our adoption page since we started this blog.  No one ever offered her a home.

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