Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baby and Her Kittens

Do you remember Baby? 

I was pretty jubilant here because she'd just had her kittens.  And then she had a real emergency here.  We posted a picture of one of her kittens eating in the grotto yesterday.

Well, today I was lucky enough to get to see and photograph all three of her kittens (at least we think there are no more than three).  They have been waiting for her just over the hill in the garden of the house next door while she comes down to the table at the park to eat.  I can sometimes see their silhouettes in the rising morning sun and I watch those silhouettes playing.  It's really beautiful. 

Baby, center, with kitten on left

I am sure it won't be long before she starts bringing them down with her, or they start following her down to the feeding table.  As it is now, they are watching me very carefully and curiously from their point on the hill. 

Baby goes back to join  two of her kittens on the left - the kitten at the center, top is watching me carefully

Lately Baby has been waiting up at the top of the park for me when I arrive, and then she follows down with the others to eat, usually a plateful or two.  Then she disappears over that hill.  Then about 30 minutes later she will come back for more!  And she eats another plateful.  Then she disappears again.  And if I stayed there all day I am convinced that she would continue to do this all day. :)  But at least we know now what this is all about!  Her kittens were right over this hill!

 waiting for mom

She is a really good mom.  All of them are good moms, really, we could all learn a lot from them.

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