Tuesday, September 10, 2013

When I Come Home

One small cat changes coming home to an empty house to coming home.
- Pam Brown 

"Well hey there!"

If coming home to one small cat can change an empty house into a home, what can many different size cats change an empty house into and what does it feel like to come home to them all?

Well, I'll try to explain with a little show and tell. 

First off, I have to be really careful when I open the gate and come in the driveway, because they start darting everywhere. Sometimes I have to tap my horn to get them out from in front of the car.  This makes me nervous.

I park in back on the gravel, and walk back up to the house.

If it's really hot out they will gather from the four corners of the world and wait under the shade of this ficus tree, like this, to greet me:

 Gathering under the shade of the ficus tree

Otherwise, when it's cooler, they come straight to the car, and pile in as soon as I open the door, and before that if the windows are open.  They are also on the roof of the car, the hood, and crawling up the windshield:

This is fun, I usually stay in the car a little while when this happens.

When I appoach them up close, I start to feel really happy.  If I were a dog my tail would wag.

Some have greater expectations upon my return than others, just like people

A Dance Craze Greeting:  The Bump

Inquisitory Greeting:  Why did you leave? Where did you go?  Where's my tea?  Did you bring soft food?

Romantic and Tender Greeting: Where have you been all my life?
Batmanesque Greeting: Boof! Swat! Yow!
Comical Greeting: A whole lot of tail and ducked head
Comforting Chillax No Big Deal Greeting: All's well now, Human Mom is here.
Yep, it sure is Mini. It's well with me now, too. 

Fun Time Greeting:  The Pile-on

The best of all.

Who hath a better friend than a cat?
- William Hardwin

Not me. 

Wait!  What about me?

That includes you, too, Muji. :)  You're the fattest cat of all.  

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