Sunday, September 22, 2013

Collars for the Cats

When you are safe at home you wish you were having an adventure; when you're having an adventure, you wish you were safe at home.
-Thornton Wilder

That can't be truer than of cats!  Personally, I am done with adventures in my own life.  Waking up every day is only adventure I need.  But I do wish the cats would give them up, too!
Collars for the cats
Until I have a real cat sanctuary or a gigantic home, I can't keep all the cats at my house safe, which means inside, which is the only safe place for a pet, though I wish I could.  And, as it is, I can't keep the ones outside from having their adventures, like crossing the road, chasing rabbits, dining at neighbors, batting at snakes, and being curious about the horses across the way.  But I would like to do everything I can for them under my present circumstances.

I have been wanting to get some collars and tags for the cats at my house for a long time and have been pricing them at pet stores.  Even at a volume purchase they are still very expensive.

But recently I found the collars pictured above at a grocery store nearby at one euro each.  They are nice, too, being very soft, and with a clasp instead of a buckle, which I like. 

Best of all, which I didn't even notice until one night driving up to the house, headlights on, they have reflective material sewn into the bands.

The grocery store only had five, but I bought them all.  I am hoping they will bring in some more.

Since they were pink, I gave them to five of the girls who spend all or most of their time outside: Giblet, Bette, Minnow, Krystallo, and Cindy.  I tried to put one on Mandy but she wasn't having it.  Maybe she will have a change of heart.




 ( I don't have a picture of Krystallo in hers yet, in fact, I think she is dining at the neighbors this weekend - at least I hope that is where she is )
Mandy wasn't having it

A kind person sent in a 20 dollar donation this month and this is what I did with part of it.  I will save the rest to buy more collars when I can find some.  Hopefully they will have some blue ones for the boys!

To the kind lady who donated the money, I thank you.  Twenty dollars can go a long way for the cats.  I appreciate your heart. 

My hope is it will protect them and keep them a little safer. 

Sweet little Giblet in her collar.  Giblet is vaccinated, spayed, and ready for adoption!

Fear is the father of courage and the mother of safety.
-Henry Hallum Tweedy


PS  If you would like to donate some collars and or tags for the cats, please contact me and I can give you an address to send them to.  Thank you!

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