Thursday, March 14, 2013

An Indoor Feeding at Our House - Indulging the Ones You Love

An indoor feeding at our house of soft and juicy canned food:
We don't do this every day!  For the cats at our house, the regular diet is a mix of good quality kibble.   But, oh how they love this treat.  Nik and I keep talking about recording the mewing and carrying on that goes on before these events.  

The outdoor cats and the cats at the park and the other feeding stations get a lot more soft food then our indoor friends, because I take pity on them for living without the comforts of shelter, a soft bed, and human protection. 
In fact I would say the cats at the park are a lot fatter than our cats at home because of this.  Also I never know what may befall the cats on the streets, or, because of this, if after a feeding, I will ever see them again.  I compensate for this constant concern with lots of canned food. 

Swatchee prefers yogurt, so he usually skips these feedings, and Bette Davis will only indulge in certain flavors.  Rufus gets a special diet for kidney problems.  There are other cats missing from this feeding as well: Flissy, Twiddles, Pegs, Bashful, Astro, Galaxy, Krystallo, Miss Marbles, Theo, and more of the older cats who were probably outside at the time, or waiting in line outside the door for the feeding frenzy to calm down.  They are no fools!

But everybody gets one of their favorite treats from time to time.  What is life if you can't indulge the ones you love?

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