Monday, January 20, 2014

Creamy Goes to California

Well, I finally found a home for a cat.  In California.  Creamy is just adorable and I can totally see why his new mom fell in love with him.  I did, too.  Someone left Creamcicle , now known as "Creamy",  at the park a while back.  He was young, still a kitten, and terrified.  But he has turned into a lover and with his irresistible charm, and darling expression, he has found himself a home with a lovely lady and her family in sunny California.  I wonder if he will be the first Cyprus cat there?  I have started a fundraiser to raise money for his expenses.  I ask if you could donate and share my fundraiser.  I would really appreciate it. 

I also ask and would appreciate your prayers for a safe journey for him.  I will be sitting on pins and needles until I know he has arrived at his new forever home safely.  This is the first time I have sent a cat abroad and it is a long journey for him.  Thank you. 

Creamy, I pray for the absolute best for you.  I love you and I will miss you.  Thank you for the time we have had together.  Thank you for coming into my life. 

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