Friday, January 31, 2014

Creamy Arrives in His New Home

I am happy to report Creamy arrived in his new home in the USA.  He was safe and sound and I am very thankful to God for this. I am grateful for the good care that was taken of him at London Heathrow by the vet staff there. I am grateful to his new family for offering him love and a good home, a family who were not only committed to making it happen, but did a lot of work and research to that end.  I am thankful to all of my readers who shared their money and information and emotional support and held my hands through it all as I was very nervous.  Finally, I am thankful to Creamy and for the day he appeared in my life.  I marvel at the transpiration of events. Thank you all for your kind and wonderful hearts.  His new family has sent me many wonderful pictures of him enjoying his new home.  Enjoy.  There are also several more recent pictures on my Altered Cats! Cyprus Facebook page if you would like to see more of Creamy in his new home.

Altered Cats! Cyprus on Facebook

Thank you all again. 

 photo 1611663_450656248390529_83010906_o_zps7fc70cd9.jpg

 photo 1613049_450656251723862_2137843980_o_zps15b0eb3e.jpg

 photo 1611712_450744255048395_1069357940_o_zps7f25524f.jpg

 photo 1655501_10203228069650312_96714880_o_zps6c780131.jpg

 photo 1623986_10203238599433550_1780144531_o_zps8e75407e.jpg

 photo Creamyfeelingcomfortable_zpsb3ece451.png

 photo 1611041_10203255228329262_188389937_o_zps0fba7a82.jpg

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