Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Needed Now

Your help is needed!

These three kittens followed me and my dog, Muji, home from a walk!  They need vaccinations and deworming.

I have twelve kittens that need to be vaccinated and it is time to spay Twigs and neuter Milton, past time!

It's past time to spay Twigs!  All her kittens (5 in total) need vaccinations.

Milton, trapped and relocated from the local Orphanides,  needs's time!

I have a new arrangement with a vet in Larnaca where I can spay a female for 50 euro, and neuter a male for 20 euro.  This is good.

But, I need help! I can't do this alone!

I found these three tiny kittens in the middle of the road in front of the park, next to their two littermates who had been killed by traffic.  They need medical attention and vaccinations.

There are many more cats at my house and at the feeding stations who need altering.

I also need food, adult kibble and cans, kidney support cans, kitten food, kibble and cans, and baby cat kibble.

Please I need donations of bags of kibble, I go through 100 kilos a week

I need donations of cat food tins, I go through 70-80 weekly

Also needed are stronghold applications for fleas, ticks, and earmites. 

Dewormer medications and pastes are needed. 

This sole sick kitten was brought to me with a bad respiratory infection, he needs veterinary attention.

Fleece blankets.

Large plastic bowls.


A food processor.

I have been cooking pig's liver for the cats as it is nutritious and inexpensive.  But I need a food processor to mix it all up.  It is impossible to do any chopping on my kitchen countertop with so many eager assistants. 

I also need a vet who will volunteer some time to come out and help me on a regular basis. 

I need Dettol.  Lots and lots of Dettol disinfectant in the form of bottles, aerosol sprays, non-aerosol spray cleaners, and any other form they make.

I need clumping cat litter.  It has to be clumping because one cat, Swatchee, is partially paralyzed and he still has his limb.  If I use the heavy litter his foot starts to bleed and then gets infected.

My cat litter experiments should get their own post because they are legion. 

Please help me. 

PS  And homes.  I always need good homes for these babies.  Won't you help? 

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